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User Feedback for SharePrep

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Another use for SharePrep...


We aren't actually using your program for SharePoint at all.  But it has saved our skin.  We have about 1TB worth of documents that is stored on a NAS device.  Many of these files were restored from various backup tapes and devices and we ended up with many filenames that were invalid (maybe too long or invalid characters).  This proves to be a huge pain when trying to backup these files using almost any software out there as it just falls over at the 'bad' files or, in the best case, just skips them.


SharePrep did seem to get rid of all our our erroneous files.  It scanned 800GB worth of data, well over half a million files. As to how many were renamed, I am unsure as we just left it go (we ran it via remote desktop on a remote site and had no real issues). Since running SharePrep, we were then able to copy data to an external 1TB disk using RoboCopy (Microsoft) which we were not able to do previously.  I understand that Vista copes well with 'funny' filenames, but XP certainly doesn't like them.


Another non-SharePoint use...


This program is a godsend. I've been looking for something to do this job for the last 2 years.


The problem we were dealing with is that these files were created by Mac's on a windows network and chaos ensued.

Thanks again 


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