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SharePrep - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the rename functions not available in the SharePrep Limited-Trial?


Beginning with Version 2.01, the rename and delete functions are available, but limited, in Limited-Trial mode.

The reason for this marketing approach is that many organizations may need SharePrep for only a single conversion. The Limited-Trial  is limited to 15 days and the number of renames / deletes is limited to 50

Many organizations may have only a single system to import into SharePoint.  Therefore, such organizations could complete their need for the rename process within a relatively short free-trial period.

However, this approach permits you to use SharePrep as a diagnostic tool to check the lengths of file and folder names as well as to identify the quantity of names that require renaming.  In short, you can determine whether you need the rename functions of SharePrep before committing to the purchase of a license. 

What if I need these rename functions to fully evaluate SharePrep?


If you feel that you need all functions available in order to evaluate SharePrep, please contact the vendor via the SharePrep support page. A temporary license can be made available if the situation warrants.

How can I determine the Maximum length for Folder and File names my OneDrive or SharePoint permits?


This is addressed on my MaxLength page which provides guidelines and links to a free test file generator. 



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