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In order to control our expenses and to maintain a reasonable price for the Software, we have contracted with a payment processing service to handle online Credit Card purchases.


The price for the single-user license for SharePrep is $175.00 (USD).


Click the link below corresponding to your preference for purchasing your SharePrep license.  Your registration code will be returned via Email upon payment.

Register this software NOW at
Register Online via

Pay securely and instantly with PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover. also provides for other Languages and Currencies.

Register this software via Check or Money Order to A & R C, Inc.
Register via Check or Money Order

If you do not want to use your Credit Card online and you are not in a hurry, you can fill out a registration form online and send a Check or Money Order directly to the vendor, A. & R. C., Inc. 

Your "Registration Code" will be sent to you via E-Mail after payment of the License fee is verified.

After registration, the software may be installed on your second non-business computer using the assigned Registration Code.  This is to provide for use on both your desktop and on your laptop personal computers.

Thank you for your purchase.

- - - - Update Policy - - - -

There are no additional charges for downloading Maintenance Releases or New Versions.  There are no annual fees.

Registered users of SharePrep are welcome to download and install New Versions of SharePrep.

If you have registered in the past and can't find your Registration Code, Select
  [Lost Reg Code] to request a copy of your Registration Code.

For other registration problems, send an Email via the Support Page - Select "Software Support", then select "Registration Problem".

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Assistance & Resources for Computing, Inc will not share your Registration Information with an external organization without a Court Order to do so.

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