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Support for PurgeIE and Purgeie Pro is provided via E-Mail and forms.

The following table is to access special purpose Forms:

[Lost Reg Code]

  form to request lost Registration Code

[Email the Program]

  form to request Program be sent via Email

[Recommend PurgeIE]

  form to Recommend PurgeIE to a friend

In order to conceal Email addresses from Spammers, the following form has been implemented to assist you in using Email to communicate with the Vendor. 

Please select the appropriate message type from this dropdown menu and click the "Send Email" button. 

This is to allow more time for responding to real Email and providing service to you, the customer. 

Notice - Invalid Email addresses

I have been unable to respond to messages from the following: 

Damion P Page - damionpage1984 @

Heinz Wartmann - caloria @

Jerry LaMar - redoscars2000 @

If you find one of your messages listed here, please send your message again with a correct reply address.  Also include your current phone number.  Also check to be sure that you are not blocking my Email from "".

Notice - for users of AOL Email

You must have your AOL preferences set such that 
you can receive an Email response.
You can do this via your AOL Mail Center - Mail Controls.

Notice - for users of SPAM Blocking Programs

Some customers have not received replies due to
their SPAM Blocking Program treating the replies as SPAM.
You may have to set your SPAM Blocking Program set such that
you can receive the Email replies.
Set to accept Email from the "" domain.

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