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Plugin Manager is a special purpose program that can be used to create and maintain Plugins for Purgeie Pro.

Plugin Manager is also referred to as PlugMgr (its eight character name).

Within the context of PlugMgr and Purgeie Pro, a Plugin is a special set of control statements that specify disk files, disk folders and/or Windows Registry entries to delete via the "Run Plugins" option of Purgeie Pro.  These Plugins can also specify other programs to be executed.

- - - - - - - - CAUTION - - - - - - - -

PlugMgr should only be used by experienced computer users that possess an understanding of the disk file structures and/or the general structure of the Windows Registry as one could easily create a Plugin to delete vital information.

Although PlugIns could be created manually with a text editor, that approach is not recommended.

PlugMgr simplifies the process of generating PlugIns as it assists the user in locating and specifying the various data files and/or data folders to specify for deletion.

PlugMgr also provides for selecting registry keys and/or registry values to specify for deletion.

Using PlugMgr helps to assure that the Plugin statements are in the correct format.

PlugMgr provides a test function for verifying PlugIns by executing the Plugins in non-destructive read-only mode.

Plugins should always be tested prior to their actual use for deleting information.

This requires a separate download.   Click here to download Plugin Manager.

The above explanations were extracted from the Plugin Manager Help file.

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