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This version implements UniCode logic to enable processing     
 of file and folder names containing characters from other languages.


Use the following to Download OneDriveRx


Note to registered OneDriveRx users - Download the following to upgrade your older version of OneDriveRx. 

[ Download onedriverx 5.01 - 32-bit ] 

[ Download onedriverx 5.01 - 64-bit ] 

(these require an un-zip utility such as WinZip or PKunZip)
(these contain the self-extracting install module with instructions)

 If you are using a newer Windows operating systems, you may see a warning message whenever a downloaded program is installed.  OneDriveRx is published by Assistance and Resources for Computing, Inc.  The installation program is digitally signed and is completely safe.

Note - these files may download from either or from

The OneDriveRx execution module is protected from virus infiltration by use of special software that can detect modifications to the module.  If the execution module has been tampered with or is corrupted by a hard disk problem, OneDriveRx will notify you via an error message and then terminate execution.  If this occurs, simply download again and reinstall OneDriveRx.

Please consult this Web-site periodically for the availability of newer versions and maintenance releases.

If you are unable to download the above software, please use the following link to request a free-trial copy be sent to you as an Email attachment - [Send via Email Attachment]

The current version of OneDriveRx is a commercial product and is being made available for download as Limited-Trial software. 

The Limited-Trial is limited to 15 days and the number of renames / deletes is limited to 50.  Registration is required to fully activate these functions.


The trial should allow you to analyze your files and folders to be imported into SharePoint and determine whether you need OneDriveRx to perform the name changes.  In other words, the diagnostic functions do not require registration.

Registration involves the purchase of a license. The current price for the single-user license for OneDriveRx is $45.00 (USD). 


You can register online (purchase license) via major Credit Card.  The purchase of a license results in a unique Registration Code being sent to the customer via Email. The Registration Code must then be entered into the program to complete the registration process and activate the restricted functions.

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