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Version Info for DelinvFile


Version 5.06 - 01/21/2022 -

Minor cleanup.

Version 5.05 - 02/21/2021 -

Expanded diagnostics for Locked files and ownership issues.

Version 5.04 - 12/01/2019 -

Implemented function for deleting empty folders.

Version 5.03 - 08/13/2017 -

Converted from Demonstration trial to limited trial.
Now includes three free deletes or renames.

Version 5.02 - 01/21/2017 -

Converted from limited trial to Demonstration trial.

Version 5.01 - 09/27/2014 -

Implemented UniCode logic to enable processing of file and folder names from other languages.

Added support for multi-select on the main window.

Implemented a special window for displaying error messages which should prove useful in determining the reason some folder deletions fail.

Added a Bulk Delete function for the Scan window to facilitate mass deletions.

Improved the processing speed for deleting multi-level folders.

Version 4.05 - 11/11/2013 -

Improved navigation function for main window to include DoubleClick of folder name in the right pane to navigate to that folder.

Version 4.04 - 01/01/2010 -

Implemented a function for selecting a drive or directory via the Windows "Select Directory" dialog. This includes the ability to access drives via a local network.

Implemented logic to avoid processing the Vista/Win-7 directory entries marked as "Mount Points". This had caused some problems for users that had removed security settings for their "Application Data" directory.

Version 4.03 - 09/09/2009 -

Corrected an error - Delete Folder sometimes failed to report an error if a file or subfolder failed to delete.

Version 4.02 - 08/12/2009 -

Implemented a new function for renaming files and folders at the next Boot.

Version 4.01 - 07/18/2009 -

Implemented new user interface. The new interface combines the UNC functions with the ShortName functions for Delete and Rename. The File / Folder panel now now displays both files and folders for selection.

Selection via right-button click displays a popup menu that includes the Delete and Rename functions.

The Delete folder function now presents progress status.

Version 3.03 - 03/03/2008 -

Implemented function for Renaming Folders via UNC names.

Version 3.02 - 09/07/2007 -

Converted DelinvFile to Shareware with a 15 day free trial. All functions are available during the trial.  Several customers were wanting to try the advanced functions prior to purchase.  

Improved the function - Scan for Invalid Names and too-long file/path names.

Version 3.01 - 06/01/2007 -

Implemented a function to Scan for Invalid Names and too-long
file/path names.

Revised the Folder selection process to use a more modern display and to handle longer too-long folder names.

The revised process provides for accessing subfolders below a folder with an invalid name.  Typically, Windows Explorer can not show such subfolders.

Version 2.03 - 12/31/2006 -

Implemented use of Application Data folder for saving settings.  This is necessary for non-Admin users running VISTA.  Added Size and Attributes to the Filenames display.

Version 2.02 - 05/24/2006 -

Changed the method for selecting Folder names.  The selecting of Folder names is now done via the right display panel.

The right display panel now will show only Folder names when a Folder related Tab is selected. 
Only File names are displayed when a File related Tab is selected.  This change was made as some invalid Folder names were not selectable via the previous version.

This should facilitate Renaming the invalid Folder names with the registered copies of DelinvFile

Version 2.01 - 01/04/2006 -

Implemented additional function "Open With..", Renaming Files, Renaming Folders, and Deleting Files and Folders at Boot.

Version 1.05 - 12/30/2005 -

Added safeguards to minimize possibility of deleting incorrect folder.

Version 1.04 - 09/11/2005 -

Implemented a Tab interface to separate the Delete Folder functions from the Delete File functions.

Version 1.03 - 05/13/2004 -

Improved the delete confirmation message dialogs.

Version 1.02 - 02/05/2004 -

Implemented options for deleting Folders with invalid names.  
These new options also work with the 'Short Name' and the 
UNC form of the folder name.

Version 1.01 - 01/20/2004 -

Initial Release as FreeWare.

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