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User Feedback for DelinvFile

Just a short note to thank you for the DelinvFile program. I had tried all kinds of hints found on the Web to get rid of a particular directory but none worked.

I finally found a review of your program, downloaded and registered it. It worked perfectly and was so easy to use, I didn't need to spend a lot of time reading a manual. It was quite intuitive for me.

Thank you again,

Just wanted to drop a line of thanks for your DelinvFile utility. I had a problem folder which had been frustrating me for months. It was several levels down, and it was preventing me from deleting a root folder. Explorer stubbornly insisted that folder it was showing didn't exist. Same in command prompt. Same while rebooting to safe mode, or recovery CD. They all showed the folder, but any attempts to remove it all insisted the folder didn't exist. I'd tried disk repairing utilities which happily scanned past it and told me there were no errors. I tried several other folder/file deletion programs and they either didn't work on folders (only files), or likewise insisted the folder didn't exist.

I was preparing to move all other data off the drive and reformat, but did one last Google around and came across your program. I navigated to the folder, clicked delete, and it disappeared from the view. I couldn't believe it at first. I thought "surely, the UI has just removed it from its tree view, but it's actually still there". Refreshed the UI view, and it wasn't there. Still doubtful, I went to explorer, it wasn't there either. Deleted the root folder it had been holding hostage. Success!!! To say I was elated would be an understatement.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to register your software at present (we're on a single income while I take care of a young child, so budget is stretched to breaking point already!), but will try to do so when I'm able to in the future.
I really appreciate the program you've put together! It works brilliantly.


Vendor's note - I offered the individual a comp [free] registration. He declined stating the following:

I appreciate your comp offer, but, having dabbled in hobbiest development myself, I strongly believe in supporting independent software developers to be rewarded for the fruits of their labor. I will register the software when I am able, hopefully in the new year when the youngest goes off to school and I'm able to work. 

I purchased a 1TB portable drive and its backup program copied my C drive onto a file named Seagate Backup over and over and then copied it onto the C drive.. I noticed it when it took 12 hours to scan my 500G C drive with antivirus. 

Windows delete would not remove the problem files. Over 100 bucks in downloaded programs such as Secure file delete and Eraser and a bunch of free ones. None worked. Spent days with online Tech Support with up to 3 levels of tech ability. 3 different company's and none could remove these files. I spent a lot of time on trial and error and reading books.

Nothing worked until I found Delinvfile. The trial program wiped them without a glitch (although it took over an hour due to the amount of data) I also picked up a desktop icon with all the characters in the alphabet for a name. Nothing else would touch it except your software.


From my standpoint you have accomplished the impossible and I do not have to wipe my C drive out and start over. I immediately bought a license. Feel free to use me for a user review.


My sincere Thanks.

There are few things in life that I really think that are worth the $. Your program to remove (undeletable) files was a blessing. I had spent three days trying to remove one folder and two files that were showing as spyware from another company's software. Both were "virus-protected" and could not be deleted by normal Windows options. Worse, they continually managed to move themselves on to my external drives. After all that frustration I went online and after some review decided to try your "trial version". Two minutes later the folder/files were gone and anti-spyware has since shown all clear.

I may never need you program again, however I went back today to register and pay the registration fee simply because even if I never need it again it was well worth it.

Thank you for a useful, affordable tool.

I was not sure where to send this, so I hope my note reaches the correct people.

I really like your product, DelinvFile, because it works!  Usually Windows clings to bad files and folders forever and the only way to get rid of them is to format the drive.

But thanks to your program, I was able to remove some unwanted files and folders easily. Nice program. Thanks!

No reply is necessary, I just wanted to pass on a compliment.

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that you have a great product (DelinvFile)!  This is based on the fact that it works!!  

I had an invalid file that had been preventing me from doing successful copies of higher level folders, including sub-folders.  I was not able to delete it using conventional methods so I tried other programs that "claimed" they could delete these types of files but they did not work.  Yours worked the first time, eliminating a tremendous amount of frustration that had accumulated for me, along with the invalid file!!

Thank you so much!!

After an extensive search of the web, through forums and such for a solution to deleting these two stubborn hidden files on my desktop, I finally found DelinvFile, with much relief.  Actually, it was from this page that claimed that there were easier solutions.

From there, I followed the link to your site and discovered your program and deleted the files in under a minute with no complications.

In my opinion, if a consumer was convinced that something would solve their problem right away with no hassles, I don't think that they would have a problem paying of it.  Your idea for charging would be justified as long as you did keep a portion of the functionality free. 

Nice Job.....

I used your freeware on a Win 2003 server that had some ftp junk I could not delete..  I used several techniques.  I was just about to ask the admins to delete from a dos disk or other methods.

I used your software and it worked well.  I did have to take ownership of  the folders; which I believe I tried before.

Thanks again.  I will have to review your services and product lines and send some business in the future.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

I used your Delete Invalid Files program today.  I had a file on my desktop called CADOJEBV left over from a spyware program.  It had been there for 3 months but I hid it behind my AIM buddy list for an "out of sight out of mind" theory.  Every so often I go "spend time to find a solution".  On my 5th attempt, I stumbled across your program on someone's solution site for problems like this.  I figured "what can it hurt".
Well thanks to you..  The file is gone and I don't have to dread minimizing my buddy list and seeing that stupid, empty, non-existent file there.

Thank you very much. 



Hello.  I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for your delete invalid file program.

After months of searching (and trying many shredding programs that didn't work), I came across your program.  It took care of a file that was created using a messenger log program, which later was uninstalled, but it left the file.  The file became unmanagable and would not delete or respond to any command, and acted as if it did not exist.  However, it was still there. 

Every other shredding program I have tried was not able to do anything with the file, all saying the file did not exist or was not able to be deleted.  But I came across your program and it worked wonderfully, I just wanted to thank you very much for making a (free) program that worked so great, and did the job that all the others could not do.  Keep up the great work, I will definitely be recommending your program to people with my same problem. 

Thank you so much, again.

I want to thank you for giving the world your DelInvFile utility.

Oddly enough, I had this one directory in Programs Files that I could rename but not delete, until tonight that is.

How does this program work its magic? It's absolutely amazing!

Thanks again,

Over the past month of so, Norton antivirus has been identifying 2 DLLs that were risks for my w2kpro computer.

And I couldn't 'find' them to delete same.  No way.  Been to the spyware forums, got specialized software, restarted 23 times in SafeMode....but they just would NOT appear for me to delete same.

Got VERY bloody well fed up.

Then, thought maybe someone's made a delete app, that can find the ones I need deleted, even tho their author has somehow made them appear invisible.

Found your Delinvfile.exe...loaded same.  It found the invisible folder with the 2 files and deleted same in under 5 secs.

I restarted, ran Norton again....and the files are GONE....  Bloody Marvellous!

I will buy something from you software wise even if I never use it.

You should think about adding the ability to delete adware files to the app...and re-market same.


Just a quick thank you for the file delinvfile.exe.

I had a corrupt file I couldn't get rid of, but your program (found via Google of course) worked a treat.  It's good of you to make it available for free.

Thanks again

Just a note to say thanks for making your delinvfile.exe freeware - it cleared some stubborn annoying zero byte files from my Desktop that I couldn't get rid of!


I was having an awful time trying to delete two files from my desktop.  They each consisted of 0 bytes and had no identifiable extension.  They appeared yesterday on my desktop during the course of installing a Norton Internet Security program.  I looked for help on the web most of yesterday, and nothing could help me--and if it did, it seemed to be too complicated. 

This morning, I decided to try one more time.  I did a search in MSN using the phrase "delete a file with no extension", and something drew me to your listing.  I downloaded DelinvFile, and soon after that was able to rid my desktop and computer of those useless files.  I could not believe how quick and easy it was!  It actually was thrilling to see the files disappear in front of my eyes!

I would just like to thank you for being so kind and generous by making DelinvFile available to help people in my situation.  Please know that I truly appreciate the help that you have given me, and I wish you continued success!

Gratefully yours,

I would just like to say THANKYOU.....a file was literally driving me crazy...yes, I even punched the monitor....and kicked the PC Tower...I know its pathetic but I was so frustrated, I tried all the DOS tricks I remembered from my Amiga days but I had forgotten so much with windows laziness.

Your program DelinvFile made it so easy..........................THANKS SO SO SOOOOO MUCH

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