Send a copy of DelinvFile via Email attachment

This form is for those unable to download a trial version of DelinvFile from the download site. 

   1. Complete the Form below.
   2. Use the Send button at the bottom of the page to send the Form to the vendor.

Upon processing, a trial copy of DelinvFile will be sent as an Email attachment to you at the E-Mail Address below.

E-Mail Address: *   *   [see Notes below..]
Source:     -  where did you learn of DelinvFile?
Choose Module: * - Install module in ZIP format  [recommended]
  Divfinst.exe - Install module in EXE format   [see note below]

        Notes:  * - indicates a required field

                       Many Email systems will not deliver an attachment in EXE format.

                       GMAIL has recently rejected both 'zip' and 'exe' attachments.
                       Please avoid using a "free" email account.


Notice - for users of AOL Email

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you can receive an Email response.
You can do this via your AOL Mail Center - Mail Controls.

Notice - for users of SPAM Blocking Programs

Some customers have not received replies due to
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You may have to set your SPAM Blocking Program set such that 
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Set to accept Email from the "" domain
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