Request a Quote for a Site License - "WiFiLimit"

You can use this form to request a Price Quote for a Site License.  Multi-use Licenses and Site Licenses are considered to be the same.    

Note that Site Licenses are available only directly from the Vendor.  This allows for more economical pricing.

The  pricing for site licenses assumes that there would be basically one contact (individual or office) for the site to handle installation and problem reporting.  If multiple contacts would be involved, please describe in the Comments field on the form below.

The price for a Site License is based on the number of systems licensed not the number of users.  The price per system decreases with the number of systems. 

A sample of the Site License prices for WiFiLimit follow:

Systems Price   Savings   %-Savings
  5 $108.50   $41.25   27.5%
 10 $188.84   $110.66   36.9%
 25 $392.94   $355.81   47.5%
 50 $684.01   $813.49   54.3%
100 $1,190.68   $1,804.32   60.2%

The base price for an individual license is $29.95
These prices are subject to change without notice.

An additional 25% discount is available for Site Licenses for educational institutions, public libraries and government facilities.  Please indicate in the comments field below if you feel that you should qualify for an additional discount.

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