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Effective May 9, 2020, sales of licenses for WifiLimit are discontinued.


Windows Program for blocking neighbor's WiFi Networks

from the author of DelinvFile, SharePrep and OneDriveRx 

WiFiLimit 1.01 supports Windows 10

WiFiLimit is a Windows utility program for conveniently blocking your computer's access to neighboring WiFi networks.

Some reasons to limit WiFi access:

You want to block an offensive Network name from your display of WiFi networks

One, or more, of your computers connects automatically to a neighbor's unprotected WiFi network

Your child prefers your neighbor's WiFi network

Your Windows display of WiFi networks is too cluttered.

You can use WiFiLimit to allow (whitelist) access to your router and block access to all other routers.


Although this can be done with complex DOS / Powershell "netsh wlan" commands, WiFiLimit simplifies the tasks. 

Upon purchasing a license, you will be sent a Registration Code which you enter into WiFiLimit to complete the registration process. This will enable all of the program's functions without restriction.


Note that a license if required for each computer used for business activities.  Site licenses are available.  See below.


For personal use, your license allows you to install and execute WiFiLimit on each of your personally owned computers.


Download WiFiLimit - Utility for Disabling / Enabling WIndows Update   Click to access download page for WiFiLimit

The current version of WiFiLimit is 1.01

Trial Period and Limitations

WiFiLimit is marketed as Shareware.  This means that you are free to try the program prior to registration.  You are allowed to test this software for fifteen (15) days.


During the trial period, you can experiment with the blocking and display functions.  However, all of your changes expire when execution is terminated.  Once the Trial Period expires, the program is disabled.  


The program must then be registered to achieve its Fully-functional mode.  This requires the purchase of a license.


WiFiLimit requires Administrator rights for execution.  

Site Licenses

Site Licenses or Multiple-use Licenses are available for larger organizations that need them.  These licenses are priced based on the number of computers that would make use of the program.  An additional 25% discount is available for Site Licenses for educational institutions, public libraries and government facilities.   [Request a Quote]

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