SharePrep 4.00 Beta for SharePoint

A Beta version for SharePrep 4.00 is now available for download.

This Beta version functions for Vista, Win-7 thru Win-10.

This Beta version is intended for experienced customers.

You should be safe in installing this to replace your current version.

Please send feedback via  
after using the Beta for a few days.

Of course, report any problems immediately via CustService @ 

After installing the Beta, be sure to use the Check for Newer Version function under Tools to check for new builds and versions.

If you are new to SharePrep and need more time to verify that SharePrep would work on your projects and systems,  Request a Trial Registration

Major changes in SharePrep 4.00 Beta

The Scan and Repair window has been redesigned to give the user greater control. The new design incorporates a tabbed interface to access the various operational modes. The modes are:

File Names - Work with characters for File Names
Folder Names - Work with characters for Folder Names
File Lengths - Work with lengths for File Names
Folder Lengths - Work with lengths for Folder Names
Path Lengths - Work with lengths for Paths

Path compression - the Path Lengths processing is new with Version 4.01. This can be used to reduce path lengths to a given target length.

The Truncation option is being changed to a Shorten option which removes characters from the middle of the file name or subfolder name. For paths, the shortening is prorated based on the length of each subfolder name.

[ Download shareprep 4.00 Beta - 32-bit ]

[ Download shareprep 4.00 Beta - 64-bit ]

(these require an un-zip utility such as WinZip or PKunZip)
(these contain the self-extracting install module with instructions)

SharePrep - Beta Build Information

Build - 07/18/2017 - General Beta release for SharePrep 4.00

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